About Us

RIT S.r.l. a company successfully operating in the Italian marketfor 40 years, is distributor of plant safety equipments produced by the most important manufacturers in the world.

Founded on 1970 by Ing. Bassi, started its activity as agent for Italian market for an important manufacturer of high tech ball valves then developed, thanks to the cooperation with Marston Ltd.,  
to sell bursting discs. Since 1975 RIT S.r.l. has expanded its activity starting the manufacturing of POLIMAT digital valves by taking over the know-how from company Tecnocontrolli.

Then, the constant design development and the professionalism and fascination enable RIT S.r.l. to perform a double activity:
Design and production of heating jacketed ANC and RP valves for bitumen and high viscosity fluids plants and self-actuated POLIMAT valves
  for refined petroleum products and water.  

Distribution of high tech safety equipments for chemical, petrol and food processing.