The Polimat self-actuated control valves designed starting from 1960, are the most versatile device for  shut-off and regulating d\ifferent kind of liquids like water, petrol, gasoil, kero jet, ethanol, lpg, thinners and various clean liquids with a max viscosity of 300 m Pa s at the operating temperature.
Designed to fulfill the industry automation requirements, the digital Polimat valves for liquids find the main application as self-actuated valves in multi-stage and flow control versions in petrochemical industry.
Developed to solve complex problems, the POLIMAT globe valves outstands for its simplicity.
A bewitching profile reduces turbulences of the stream, minimizing pressure drop and hammer blows, quiet operation, rugged construction, reliability, easy use and maintenance: these are only some of advantages offered by the straight designed body of the POLIMAT valves for fuels. 
As the tightening and regulating power is provided by the flowing liquid (and no external power supply is needed) the self-actuated control valves operate as easily and accurately at high and at low pressures. 


The range of models is innumerable and over the years the ns. engineers have further implemented under report the most requested features:
    - Mod.7210; 7220 - 20-30 on / off valve;
    - Mod.7210-7220 - 04-05 pressure regulator ing in / out. Differential and flow rate limitation with orifice plate;
    - Mod. 7230, 7250-70 set-stop multi-stage, with or without flow limitation mechanically operated;
    - Mod. 7230, 7250-34 BC set-stop, 2-stage, with or without flow limitation operated elettropneumetico;
    - Mod. 7230, 7250-34 L.d. Sep stop in 2 stages with and without flow limitation electro-hydraulically operated;
    - Mod. 2000-dgt-orz/vrt set-stop and flow limitation by electronic controller batch controller;
Thousands of POLIMAT valves in DN 2 "-12" with ANSI or DIN flanges have been installed on loading arms or lines of fiscal transfers worldwide. If you have any particular problems, it is very likely that a valve POLIMAT can solve them only one valve POLIMAT has often replaced more special valves installed in series.