A complete range of in-line and end-of-line deflagration and detonation flame arresters for reliable protection against flames in hazardous environments.

AMAL specialises in the design, specification and manufacture of deflagration and detonation flame arresters.These flame arresters are passive explosion protection devices with no moving parts, designed to offer reliable protection in areas where flammable gas is being transported, or a flammable liquid is being stored. 

Certified to EN12874 and with USCG approval, AMAL’s highly robust crimped metal design of triangular cells is proven to be the most effective method of quenching flames. All AMAL flame arresters can be tested at AMAL’s unique test facility based on specific customer requirements. Compared to most other products available, AMAL flame arresters are not only suitable for service on gas groups IIA, IIB's, and IIC, but also for application on hydrogen & acetylene service.

A comprehensive selection of bursting discs and explosion vent panels for safe and instantaneous pressure and vacuum relief in an ever increasing range of critical applications.

With over 50 years experience, MARSTON is a leading manufacturer of pressure relief and explosion protection devices, such as bursting discs (rupture discs) and explosion vent panels. MARSTON products provide safe and instantaneous pressure relief in a diverse range of critical applications in the chemical, oil & gas and food processing industries, as well as cryogenic systems and pharmaceutical technology.

MARSTON also offers a variety of technical resources including high temperature testing, helium leak testing, fluid flow and metallurgical laboratories, pressure cycling and radiographic inspection. All MARSTON products carry a wide range of approvals and comply with the most stringent international standards and customer specifications including ATEX and ASME “UD” certification.

An extensive range of products from pressure relief valves, vacuum relief valves, blanketing valves, emergency vents to gauge hatches, designed to protect storage tanks and vessels from the effects of changes in atmospheric pressure.

MARVAC is regarded as the world leader in the design and manufacture of tank protection and access valves to limit the pressure and vacuum created by changes in atmospheric pressure. As pressure rises or falls, MARVAC pressure relief valves allow the tank to breathe, preventing damage and spillage to ensure the safety of personnel and the surrounding environment.

MARVAC pressure relief valves, vacuum relief valves and combined pressure and vacuum relief valves can be weight, spring or pilot operated. All MARVAC products are UDT and GOST-R approved and compliant with the European ATEX and PED directives where applicable.

MARVAC’s team of engineers have unrivalled experience in dealing with tank storage applications, enabling them to assess each customer’s individual specifications to provide the optimum safety solution. MARVAC products typically operate within a range of -800 mbarg to 3.5 barg and -196°C to 250°C, but extended parameters are available on request and after consultation.

Fluitec is your specialist for unit operations of continuous production- and processing steps in the chemical industry.

The high grade of innovation combined with the long year experience of the Fluitec team lead to many customised solutions. New concepts and devices are produced in Fluitec's own work shop and tested in its in-house laboratory or at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHW) close-by. Optimisation and standardisation of products is realised under close collaboration with the customers, always keeping the practical application and the economic aspects in view. Combining the theoretical aspects and practical experience is one of the proven strength of Fluitec.